Challenge Case Studies

Embracing a sustainability culture

I-Cubed, a KPIT Company

Raleigh, NC

I-Cubed's JouleBug Challenge

I-Cubed found JouleBug Challenge to be a great way to help integrate its employees with its new parent, KPIT Industries. KPIT has a culture that deeply embraces sustainability. I-Cubed’s culture is highly competitive. JouleBug Challenge brings the two cultures together providing a fun, competitive way to learn and adopt sustainable practices.

The Challenge brought benefits beyond the initial objectives of improving our sustainability habits in our work environment. Employee engagement and interaction between different business areas increased, too.

When I-Cubed was acquired by KPIT Industries, the company became part of a new culture – – one deeply embracing sustainability. In looking for ways to help employees of the business unit learn and integrate with its new parent, HR Manager Erica Kose found JouleBug Challenge to be a great fit. The Green Games Challenge blended the natural competitive spirit with the goals of becoming a more sustainably minded business unit.

Green Games lasted a week. Teams were formed based on functions within the business, with a few smaller areas combining. Prizes were awarded to the members of the top performing team, as well as the top two individuals. Erica and her assistants promoted the Challenge easily and inexpensively with ideas as simple as post-it notes on switches and monitors and messages written on whiteboards. Bagels and coffee were provided at the Challenge kick-off event to start the competition.

Participants found the user interface to be very intuitive and interactive. It was easy for them to “Buzz” their activity and the social features of the app sparked their interest in sharing with others.  Bragging rights, as well as prizes, encouraged plenty of friendly competition. I-Cubed found the Green Games Challenge to be a fun and successful activity and one they’ll repeat in the future.

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JouleBug’s Challenge brought our employees together, enabling interaction between areas that never interact with each other otherwise.

Erica Kose

HR Manager, EPLM SBU , KPIT Industries

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