Captain Basics

Some helpful tips to get the most out of your JouleBug Challenge

1. Download the App

Explore the app to your heart’s content.

2. Set up your Team

Your Challenge will be available in the app a week before the Challenge start date. Before the first point is scored you need to do three things:

Pick a Team name.

Give your team a profile pic.

Create a Team Headline.

This will be your team’s identity in the app. Make sure it is recognizable, but don’t forget to keep it fun!

3. Recruit your Team

Once you’ve set up your Team, you’re ready to start recruiting. The app makes it really easy to invite from the Challenge. As appropriate for your Community, include your friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.  As your team grows, so does the feeling of inclusiveness and camaraderie!

4. Encourage your Team

Follow your team members in the app. Encourage them by liking and commenting on their Buzzes (posts in the app). Organize a group activity so you can all earn points (e.g., carpool or bike/walk to lunch; meet for local food/drink; etc.) You can also send encouraging emails or Facebook messages. Tip: Members not posting photos? Comment and remind them that they earn more points when they post photos.