JouleBug Nest

It's easy to get started as a JouleBug Community with Nest.

Organize your JouleBug Community

If you share sustainability values with a group of people – a company, a city, a university, a school, etc. – you’ve got the makings for a JouleBug Community. Tell us a little about your JouleBug Community and claim it. Then invite your members to join JouleBug. Explore, learn, and follow each other. JouleBug helps you encourage and lead to sustainable action in your JouleBug Community.

Get your Community Buzzing

When a JouleBug user completes a sustainable action, they Buzz the associated Pin in the app. As your JouleBug Community members Buzz, they appear on your Community Leaderboard. The Leaderboard connects your members and can complement any of your outreach events. Use it to support and encourage friendly competition – – a great way for building camaraderie. A Community Leaderboard can pull in members that may be otherwise hard to reach.

Watch the Action

A commute during a sunset. A meet-up with local food and brews. A clothesline on a windy Saturday. A colorful sweater instead of a thermostat bump. All of these images of sustainability in action can be captured in JouleBug, then liked and commented on by others. Nothing brings your JouleBug Community’s sustainability to life better than a JouleBug Feed.

Enhance your Web Presence

With a Nest, JouleBug provides embeddable Feed and Leaderboard widgets to easily integrate your sustainability messaging into your existing webpages. Similar to a Twitter feed, these widgets show your Community in real-time action. It’s a simple way to add your JouleBug Community’s up to the minute sustainability activity to your site. Coming soon!

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