JouleBug Hive

Add JouleBug Hive as an additional channel for your sustainability messaging. Hive increases and extends the value of your existing programs and opens up a new segment that the old tools have not addressed.

Organize your JouleBug Community

If you share sustainability values with a group of people – a company, a city, a university, a school, etc. – you’ve got the makings for a JouleBug Community. Tell us a little about your JouleBug Community and claim it. Then invite your members to join JouleBug. Explore, learn, and follow each other. JouleBug helps you encourage and lead to sustainable action in your JouleBug Community.

Focus Activity with a Community Category

Whether it’s waste reduction, energy or water conservation, transportation alternatives, or any combination of the above, JouleBug can help you bring your sustainability goals front and center to your JouleBug Community members. Your Category will be easily recognizable and as your priorities change, so does JouleBug.

Localize with Your Content

JouleBug is even more engaging when your Community members see recognizable photos or videos of your Community in the app. Local weblinks can relate your specific programs to more general sustainable actions. This type of familiar content better connects your Community members to each other and to the Community’s goals and programs.

Grab attention with Notifications

Is today an ozone alert day? Have drought conditions worsened? Send your Community members timely and local messages in JouleBug to let them know of opportunities for special action. It’s easy to get the word out when you’re right there in the palm of your JouleBug Community members’ hands.

Track your progress with Analytics

Quarterly reports provide data on user activity – how many, when, and what they’re Buzzing. These reports provide valuable insight into the impact your JouleBug Community is making and can guide towards the actions that need more attention.

Ready to get started?