JouleBug Colony

Enhance your sustainability brand with Colony. You’ll quickly have your own powerful sustainability app in the App Store and Google Play with your name. Ready-made webpages help you easily spread the word.

Organize your JouleBug Community

If you share sustainability values with a group of people – a company, a city, a university, a school, etc. – you’ve got the makings for a JouleBug Community. Tell us a little about your JouleBug Community and claim it. Then invite your members to join JouleBug. Explore, learn, and follow each other. JouleBug helps you encourage and lead to sustainable action in your JouleBug Community.

Your app, powered by JouleBug

You have established a recognizable brand and you’re committed to sustainability. Colony combines them with your own distinctive app in the Apple and Android marketplaces, powered by JouleBug. Your app features your name and logo. You get all of the fun and power of JouleBug packaged as your branded app.

Ready to Market Landing Page

Your Colony comes with ready-made webpages that introduce and explain your app to your JouleBug Community members. Easily point to your branded JouleBug domain from your website. It provides download instructions, app information, and social integration of your app for your Community members.JouleBug gets it all ready for you – – no IT hassles or hoop-jumping required.

Track your Progress with Analytics

Quarterly reports provide data on user activity – how many, when, and what they’re Buzzing. These reports provide valuable insight into the impact your JouleBug Community is making and guidance towards the areas that need more attention.

Ready to get started?