JouleBug Products

The features of a JouleBug Community come in many shapes and sizes. Mix and match to get just the right combination for your Community.

JouleBug Nest

It’s free so a great way to try out the Community idea. A JouleBug Nest lets you easily see the impact you and your Nest members make together.

JouleBug Swarm

Conduct periodic challenges via JouleBug Swarm. Challenges coordinate well with your events and draw attention to how you value sustainability.

JouleBug Hive

Add value to your existing sustainability programs by adding JouleBug Hive as an additional channel. Everything you have done and plan to do is expanded with JouleBug.

JouleBug Colony

An App in the Store with your name amplifies your sustainability brand.  Colony expands your reach to new users and demonstrates your commitment to sustainability.

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