I’m not sure this widget is okay. Help?

We get it. Sometimes you’re in the gray zone. We know generally what users like but you know your Community pretty well (at least we hope so!) – what does your gut say? Still unsure? Send it over and we’ll offer feedback based on what we’ve seen work or not work in the past, and if this is a good fit.

Can I use photos and videos from my own or someone else’s iPhone for the Cover Photo widget?

Of course! Users’ photos rock. If it’s a professional photo, please send us copyright details.

My community is super laid back and likes a good laugh. Can my widgets be funny or silly?

If your widgets fit with your Community and they fit the tone you want the app to set, by all means! JouleBug has a pretty open policy as long as it’s respectful, so go for it – we love a good laugh too.

Does the URL widget have to be informational? What about articles? How-to’s? Consumer reports? Staff picks?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this, as long as you adhere to the dos and don’ts, generally speaking. What do you think your Community wants? You can always include more than one URL widget, too.

Wait, what? That widget was awesome! I followed the dos and don’ts and everything! Why did that get rejected? Grrr…

Easy, tiger. Don’t take it to heart. Remember the JouleBug Voice thing? We want you to be able to use the widgets you had in mind (it’s YOUR Community, after all!), so we try to wag our JouleBug-Voice finger sparingly!

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