Social Media

The purpose of using social media is to communicate messages, to start conversations, and to engage with users. Not to mention, it’s free and your users are already engaging on their platforms of choice. Therefore, leveraging these media is a crucial part of the promotion strategy for your Campaign.

Best Practices

  • Update frequently, per “what’s next” and the timeframe of the Campaign.
  • Create or leverage a unique sustainability page or handle.
  • Invite community members to like or follow.
  • Feature JouleBug prominently and include links for downloading the app.
  • Share, like and comment on user activity and blog posts.
  • Use platforms relevant to target audience, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, a blog, Podio, Yammer.


Strongly recommended

  • Connect with social media guru(s) in your Community to understand current existing platforms for your Community’s sustainability efforts. Explain the Campaign and provide pertinent information and logos for them to post/tweet.
  • If you have access to a sustainability account/handle that is widely followed, introduce the Campaign and pertinent dates & information at least one week in advance.
  • Share one article or blog post about your Community’s commitment to sustainability and how the Campaign will improve upon this.
  • Post or tweet upcoming events two days in advance, the launch of the Campaign one day in advance, a mid-Campaign update, and an end-of-Campaign thank-you and announce winners/successes.
  • Create a unique hashtag for your Campaign
  • Prominently feature JouleBug and include links to download the app

Would be helpful

  • If a sustainability page or handle does not exist for your Community, create one.
  • Post photos of Community members engaging in sustainability and tag them.
  • Engage stakeholders or sustainability advocates in your Community create videos to post and share them.
  • Share articles and blog posts from third parties about local sustainability,events and information.
  • Engage with people in your Community, tag them, and use the hashtag.


  • Update on as frequent a basis that is appropriate (or at least routinely), based on “what’s next” and the timeframe of the Campaign.
  • Follow and ask to be followed by people in your community.


Promoting through social media can be done as often as every day, as long as its regular and routine, and that it engages users.

Examples in Action


Sample Tweets

Copy and paste these into your own tweets.

Download @JouleBug on your smartphone – find out new & fun ways to live out your commitment to #sustainability

Want to know what all the BUZZ is about? Check out @JouleBug and ____’s page: <insert URL provided by JouleBug>

<insert Community Name> people have started buzzing! #sustainability #____<insert Community Name>is green

More <insert city>-area restaurants are buying local food to serve in their dishes, <insert Community Name> give them a try! <insert article URL>

New Students: DOWNLOAD @JouleBug app today to partake in #Sustainability Scavenger Hunt w/ @WakeTechSustain on Sat!

Recycling Qs? See Scavenger-hunt bins w/ us on Sat @WakeTechSustain @JouleBug #sustainability

New Eagles: Where are bus stops? Bike racks? Find out @WakeTechSustain @JouleBug Scavenger Hunt #sustainability

@CocaColaHR & @JouleBug teaming up to promote #sustainability, measure energy use & reduce waste thru mobile app

Check out @BofA’s #sustainability site: Last year they issued first “Green Bond.” How much? $50M

@UnivoftheSouth: Looking for a way to engage students in #sustainability? Try @JouleBug! Download on app store, DM me for deets

Love that @SacredHeart started a farmers mrkt on Saturdays! Way to be #sustainable & bring #downhomeeats to Lou! Cool, huh @joulebug?

We have a waste problem! Ditch the disposable dishes and BYO resuable containers #buzzit #JouleBug #sustainability

@EasternMarket voted best local market in DC <insert article URL> – it’s a 10-minute walk! <insert Community Name>, get your buds, walk over & get your veg! Then #buzzit @joulebug

Great game! Congrats TeamHR! Thanks to all. Keep #buzzing on @joulebug and spread the word about #sustainability<insert photo of Leaderboard at end of Contest>

Sample Facebook Posts

Copy and paste these into your own posts.

Interested in learning more about how to make <insert Community Name> a more sustainable place?

Step 1: Download the free mobile app, @JouleBug, on iTunes or GooglePlay.

Step 2: Attend the Kick-Off Lunch on <insert date> to learn more about which numbers you can recycle in <insert Community Name>, where the *NEW* bikeshares and bus stops are, and when the local farmers come sell their organic, natural food!

Step 3: Start Buzzing when you do something sustainable!  (Like when you recycle, when you print on double-sided paper, when you use recycled paper towels, when you turn the lights off, when you take a short shower, etc. etc. etc.!

Check out JouleBug’s website for more information:

Let’s have some fun #goinggreen!

<insert Community Name> and @JouleBug are teaming up for a contest to promote #sustainability.  Check out our custom<insert Community Name> URL: ___ and let us know what you think!

The <insert Community Name> Bike Share #<insert bikesharehashtag> is up and running! <upload a photo> Check out the locations on the website: <insert link>. Have you tried it yet?

It’s #MeatlessMonday– try out this recipe for no-bake almond-pecan-date squares! Thanks @MotherNatureNet <insert URL:>

Check out the recent post on <insert Community Name>’s blog <insert link to blog post> about the good work we are doing with @JouleBug to promote #sustainability around here!

Results from this month’s Sustainability Campaign with @JouleBug:

– The team winner is ____ with 2,500 points! <Insert prize(s)>.

– The top three winners are ______ <insert their names and tag them> (XXXX points), ______ (YYYY points) and ______ (ZZZZ points).  Way to go!  They’ll each take home a <insert prize(s)>.

– <insert Community Name> saved XXX gallons of water, $$$ on our electric bill <insert here whatever your community was measuring>

Thank you for your participation! We’re excited to put our environmentally friendly habits to use everyday!”

Sample Images

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