Promoting your Campaign through an event is a great way to inform users about the purpose of the Campaign, to learn about the JouleBug app, and to ask questions on the spot. The event allows people to get excited about the Campaign by giving people the opportunity to download and explore the app in real time.

Best Practices

  • There are a few types of events that work to achieve the word of mouth promotion of the Campaign, including Tabling Events and Kick-Off Events.
  • Tabling Events: The Community Leader sets up a table in a high-trafficked area or at a pre-existing event with an iPad, an iPhone, an Android and some schwag.  Make the custom URL and/or QR Code available for instant downloads.
  • Kick-Off Events: Entice people to attend the Kick-Off event with the promise of a treat (usually something edible), breakfast or lunch, in a space where seating is available.  The Community Leader explains why the Campaign is taking place and how JouleBug works, shares relevant dates, and encourages people to get involved.


Strongly recommended

Host a Kick-Off event:
  • Coordinate a space with ample seating
  • Invite Community Members to the event (via email/social   media/signage)
  • Community Leader/app expert to explain the goal of   Campaign & how to use app
Tabling Event:
  • Community Leader/app expert to staff the table

Would be helpful

  • Kick-Off Event: entice attendance by advertising that there will be treats; have A/V equipment available to play the JouleBug video; if Campaign is a Contest, divide into teams
  • Tabling Event: display signage with Campaign Name, URL, and QR code; show how the app works with iPhone, Android and iPad


All promotional events should take place in the few days leading up to the start of your Campaign.

Examples in Action