Email is an effective and often inexpensive way to communicate with your Community. Email provides a direct way to get a message to users. Templatized emails, newsletter blurbs, and emails from individuals (such as Community Leader, Captains, etc.) are effective in getting a variety of types of messages out with different voices and in different approaches, but all through the same avenue of email.

Best Practices

  • Executed with regularity without overkill.
  • When sending an individual email to a large group, BCC the group email addresses
  • Give an authentic voice to each email.
  • Keep the body of the email short.
  • Give a call to action, depending on the “what’s next” – Download the app, Come to Launch Event, Visit Our Table, The Winners Are…!


Strongly recommended

  • Write emails with pertinent information, including the purpose of the Campaign, start and end dates, the Kick-Off date, prize(s) and a call to action.
  • Mention JouleBug in email
  • BCC members of Community who you email.

Would be helpful

  • Write emails in advance to be prepared and have a back-up person send them in a pinch.
  • Include images and links to more information and download buttons.


  • If there is a Community newsletter that is sent out on a regular basis, prepare blurbs in advance to be included, with calls to action per the “what’s next?”


At a minimum, emails should be sent out to announce the campaign a week or so before the campaign starts, and to invite users to the Kick-Off or informational session.  If the Campaign is a Contest, an email should announce the start and end of the Contest.  The latter should include a congratulatory announcement of the winner(s).


Sample Emails

Copy and paste these into your own emails.

Friendly Competition at <insert Community Name>:

Prizes? Glory? Bragging Rights? The <insert Campaign Name> will have it all and everyone is invited to participate! Using the JouleBug app, the <insert Campaign Name> will start on <insert start date>, but go ahead and download the app and see what it’s all about! Stay tuned!

And we’re off!:

Join us today at <insert time> as we kick off the <insert Campaign Name> with JouleBug! We will begin Buzzing officially on <insert date> but today is a great day to learn about and download the app.. And enjoy a free Whole Foods taco bar!

<insert Campaign Name> Finals:

Our <insert Campaign Name> with JouleBug comes to a close next Thursday! Make sure to download the app and log your sustainable habits!

<insert Campaign Name> Awards Ceremony:

After some fierce competition, we finally have a winner for the JouleBug competition! Awards will be handed out <insert time, date and event, if applicable>.