As the project leader, you know how you want your Community to use the app and what sustainable actions you most want to encourage. We help you do that with Localization, Category, and Challenges. If you’re new to the JouleBug Community, we have helpful tips and documents referenced in the sections below. If this isn’t your first walk around the block, you can jump right in and start Creating!

But you shouldn’t get to have ALL of the fun! Split up the Pins and delegate to others in your organization to get them involved, too. Soon, you’ll see YOUR Community’s sustainability right in the palm of your hand!


Create your Localization


JouleBug gives you many easy ways to localize the app for your Community, and we’ll walk you through each one. Each localization element will enhance the content of a JouleBug Pin. You can add your own Cover Photos as a visual backdrop for the Pin. To help motivate and teach your users you can add helpful Web Links  and YouTube Videos to a Pin. We give you helpful tips for making all of your selections.

Web Links – Guidelines
Cover Photos – Guidelines
YouTube – Guidelines



Create a Category


JouleBug has hundreds of sustainable actions, but your Community likely has some specific goals you’re focused on right now that you want to bring front and center. JouleBug lets you input up to seven (7) Pins to place in your Community category. And it’s easy for you to change this as your focus changes.

Create a Challenge

A JouleBug Challenge gives your Community a burst of sustainability excitement. These periodic competitions run for a limited time. The Swarm lets you run multiple Challenges during the year whether it’s to complement an event, launch a new program, or just for the fun of competition. As competition increases, so does sustainable action. You see more photos, more social interaction, and more user engagement. All of this user generated content demonstrates the new sustainability normal for your Community.

Download Challenge Guide
View Sample Challenge Webpage
Learn More about Challenge Promotion (coming soon)

Suggest a Pin


Something missing? Got an idea for a sustainable action we don’t have?


Learn More about what makes a good pin.
Explore existing Achievements