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JouleBug is a mobile app with one goal: to persuade more people to adopt more sustainable habits. We started JouleBug to make sustainable living – using resources without using them up – social, simple, and actually fun. We hand-picked the best parts of mobile gaming, social media, and educational tools and rolled them all into a giant burrito of wonderment and awesome that’s free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

By interacting with your friends in JouleBug, on Facebook, and Twitter, you lower your energy bills and reduce waste by playing your environmental part. When whole communities start using JouleBug? That’s when we start saving some serious planet.

That’s our inspiration. That’s JouleBug.

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Community Tools

A Community Subscription builds upon the free JouleBug app to improve your Community. Explore the different benefits of a JouleBug Community.

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Increase awareness and extend your outreach through localized content or your own branded app.



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Focus your members’ attention and motivate their behavior with Challenges, Notifications and Achievements.




Understand your audience and measure your impact and messaging.