Targeted Engagement

Focus your members’ attention with a Community Category

Whether it’s waste reduction, energy conservation, transportation alternatives, water conservation, or any combination of the above, JouleBug can help you bring your sustainability goals front and center. And as your priorities change, so does JouleBug.

Motivate with Challenges

Community Challenges are affordable, attention-grabbing, easy-to-implement engagement tools. They’re great for complementing a festival, major campaign, or any other outreach event. JouleBug supports and encourages friendly competition, which is great for building camaraderie, especially where teams are used. The fun of Challenges pulls in members that may be otherwise hard to reach.


Broaden your messaging with Notifications

We all need reminders from time to time. With JouleBug in your members’ hands, you can reach them at relevant times with push notifications for sustainable actions. And when there’s a special occurrence that deserves extra attention (e.g., peak energy days, or droughts) JouleBug’s notifications are there for you!

Benefit from members’ input

JouleBug encourages social sharing, both within the app as well as on Facebook and Twitter. As your members share photos, comments and feedback, they help grow your sustainability messaging.

That’s not all

Explore other ways JouleBug can improve your Community

Brand Enhancement

Increase awareness and extend your outreach through localized content or your own branded app.


Understand your audience and measure your impact and messaging.

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