Brand Enhancement

Increase awareness of your sustainability efforts

Employees, students, citizens all want to be part of a Community that shares their values. JouleBug helps you spread your sustainability message and engage your members in shared goals.

Extend your outreach to mobile

Bring your sustainability goals front and center and put them in the palm of your members’ hands. Use JouleBug to amplify your message and make it part of regular activities. Lead your community.

Localize content for added recognition

By adding recognizable local photos, weblinks, and videos, you create a shared identity within your Community with relevant content. JouleBug encourages peer endorsement and social sharing to forge a tighter Community connection.

Maximize your brand with your own app

At the fullest level of brand integration, a custom app powered by JouleBug, with your name and logo, can be available on the App Store and Google Play.

That’s not all

Explore other ways JouleBug can improve your Community

Targeted Engagement

Focus your members’ attention and motivate their behavior with Challenges, Notifications and Achievements.


Understand your audience and measure your impact and messaging.

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